Investing Basics – Understanding Three Kinds of Investments

When you begin to learn about investing, you will want to find out about investment basics. You will want to know how different investment basics effect the way you invest. It is important that you know the difference between these three basic types. It is also important to learn how to use investment basics to your advantage. The most important type of investment is land, followed by capital and labor.

Investment Basics Land – This type of investment basics involves investing in real estate. Real estate includes any property that you own that is not rented. There are two kinds of land you can invest in; long-term tangible and long-term intangible. Long-term tangible consists of the tangible assets on your property that you can physically touch. Long-term intangible consists of the intangible assets that you can not physically touch.

Capital – This type of investment basics involves investing in business shares, bonds and mutual funds. The most common type of capital you can invest in is stock. You should be aware that stock prices can be affected by recent news reports. Bonds and mutual funds are both low-risk investments, but they do have higher returns. To get a good idea of what kind of returns you can expect with these investments, it is important to compare and contrast them with other investments.